SMILE Together is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Lebanon.


To train and encourage the youths to become responsible volunteers and social advocates, engaged towards positive change in their communities, helping in every aspect they can.


We envision a society of responsible citizens, especially youth, advocating for positive change and incorporating volunteering activities in their daily lives.


  • Voluntary Service
  • Respect
  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality


  • Empowering the local community by providing youth with a set of skills through awareness campaigns, seminars, training sessions, etc. to advocate positive change in society.
  • Establishing a network of CSOs, NGOs, youth groups, social advocates, etc. to increase the reach and impact of volunteerism.
  • Providing volunteer support to our established network of NGOs by being the active link between the two, to serve and Save Many Innocent Lives Everyday Together.

Brief History

SMILE Together was founded on October 18, 2010, apprised under the number 1760, yet the motivation for volunteerism and community service had been developing long before. In September 2006, and after 12 years as an academic teacher at Notre Dame de Louaize School, our Founder and President Mrs. Antoinette Mrad was entrusted to be the school’s guidance counselor. Students sought after talking to her and getting advice for their problems, yet the latter became harsher, unsolvable by listening and advice.

“Observe others’ calamities, and yours will ease.”

Thus, with the parents’ and school’s consent, she formed groups of high-school students to participate in community volunteering activities; they supported various causes, from visiting elderly homes, orphanages, NGOs, to cleaning beaches, planting trees, etc. Unknowingly, she had developed the first generations of socially aware youth who then graduated with a different perspective to life. As the students enjoyed these activities, they came back and insisted upon having continuity. Consequently, Mrs. Antoinette Mrad and her alumni founded SMILE Together. To this date, SMILE Together has engaged more than 2000 youth all over Lebanon, regardless of their affiliations and beliefs, in volunteering activities, awareness days, training sessions, and advocacy campaigns. All in purpose of shaping responsible citizens that practice their humanitarian beliefs first.

NGO Profile

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