Beirut Explosion

The explosion at the port in Beirut was a Tragedy that has seen coverage from all around the world. Friends in Lebanon and abroad have reached out inquiring about how can they help. We were on the ground trying to figure out how we can help, and we greatly thank our supporters for keeping us moving forward in the assistance we are providing.

The first week of the explosion, we received high demands for water, food, and other supplies for the affected families and volunteers helping out in Gemmayze, Mar Mkhayel, Karantina, and Rmeil, and several donations for these supplies poured in. We were able to distribute them in the weeks after, continually providing support in our capacity.

This crisis has brought people together. We met Serge, helping out in a neighborhood in Rmeil, during our second week of distributing supplies and assessing what we can humbly offer to the affected families. We’ve started with fixing broken windows before the rain comes by, and Serge has been volunteering his days to help us reach the largest number of homes, driving to the glass shop then back to install the windows. We are proud to have Serge as the newest SMILE Together volunteer, “engaged towards positive change in his community, helping out in every aspect he can”.

In the weeks to follow, we have taken on the mission to fix the windows and doors, promising only what’s within our capacity and delivering.

Here are our latest actions. If you want to volunteer or support our initiative in Beirut, reach out to us, we’re always available.